I will quote the prospective customer a labor price, after we have discussed what he/she wants done, this is firm unless they decide to add major work to the job at which point we can re-negotiate the labor price.


ALL parts and materials involved in the restoration are paid for by the customer at what they cost me, with no markup. I will supply copies of all receipts from the job if the customer desires.

I can get most things done in this area, engine work, upholstery, and chrome work.


Under most circumstances, I work on only 1 car at a time and most normal cars take 6-7 weeks to complete. This may be longer when engine work, major chrome work or when finding parts is difficult. When I think there will be problems like these I try to tear the car apart and get the work started in these areas and will go to work on another car. When the engine work, chrome, etc. is done, then I will jump on the car and then will be the start of the actual 6-7 weeks.

Each car is unique and all this will be discussed before any deal is made and the car is picked up or brought to me.


I can and do pick up and deliver cars but there is a separate fee involved with this service. If I were to pick up the "basket case" the customer can most likely drive it home.


My labor rates are very reasonable considering the time and expertise involved in this kind of work. My fee for an ordinary, run of the mill car with only minor body work or rust repair is $5,000 (as of Jan 2004). Larger vehicles, like the 38 Cadillac Limo that I finished in January have a higher fee due to the greater amount of work involved.

All my paint jobs are color sanded and then buffed to insure a high gloss finish with no orange peel. I normally us acrylic enamel paint with hardener, but can do base coat/clear coat and lacquer. The enamel finish makes for a car that can be driven and enjoyed where the lacquer finish requires more regular care.

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