The 1948 Continental Coupe had been worked on by several different people over a number of years and was brought to me as pretty much of a basket case. A past paint job had been done very badly and there was some body dings to repair. The engine came out for rebuild by a friend of the owner. This allowed the stripping and painting of the engine compartment and the entire frame. The owner picked the green metallic color, which was followed by several coats of clear and then sanded and buffed to a high gloss. The interior was done to compliment it. Some chrome had been done in the past and the rest was re plated. Fresh glass and a redone steering wheel completed the job. This car had been owned by this family for about 40 years and had been undergoing work for at least 25. This was finished in 1997. Today, the labor would cost about $5,500.
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