The 1924 Model T Ford had been worked on for 25 years by the owner. He was now retired and wanted to get it done so that he could have some fun with it. The engine was ready but I had to put new bands in the transmission. Since all T’s of this vintage were black, I used acrylic enamel so that there would be very little need of continual polishing and cleaning of the car. The finish was sanded and buffed to a high gloss. Enamel also takes stone nicks better. This car required a total interior, top, top irons and glass. Interiors for these cars come as a kit and I am able to put the covers on the seat springs. I just can’t sew the seat covers myself. There are a couple of good interior shops in this area that I use. The car was finished in May of 1997 and took about 5 weeks to do. This car led to a T Touring and an A Roadster that were owned by his brother. Today the labor costs for a similar car in this condition would be about $5,000.
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