1967 MGB Roadster. This car had spent it’s first 8 years in Denver and then had been in the owners family ever since. There was an immense amount of rust out in the lower part of the car. There was, also, a lot of body damage that had bee acquired from accidents over the years. The front end was about 2 inches out of square and the hood did not fit properly. The engine was on its last legs and I had it totally rebuilt here in the area. With MG’s as with Model T’s, everything that needed to be replaced was readily available, from new sheet metal to chrome, instruments and interior kits. Pretty much all the sheet metal from the doorsills down had to be replaced, including rear spring mounts at the front of the leaf spring. The color is stock British Racing Green in acrylic enamel; sanded and buffed to a high gloss This car took a second place trophy at its first show against a wild custom VW. The car was finished in mid 2000. The labor costs would be approximately $5,000.
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